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Forms2019 Minutes Rolls & Registers (Checklist for Session Clerk)forms
Forms2019 Minutes Rolls & Registers (Report of Reviewer)forms
COM2021 Changes in Terms of Callcom
ApplicationsBoard of Pensions: 2021 Emergency Assistance Applicationapplications
CPM, FormsCandidacy Reflection Questionscpm forms
COM, Guidelines & PoliciesCOM Commission Formcom guidelines-policies
COM, Guidelines & PoliciesCOM Sabbatical Guidance for Churchescom guidelines-policies
ApplicationsCommissioned Pastor (CP) Applicationapplications
Guidelines & PoliciesCounselor-Pastoral Counseling Policyguidelines-policies
CPM, Guidelines & PoliciesCPM 2021 Scholarship Lettercpm guidelines-policies
Applications, CPMCPM Scholarship Applicationapplications cpm
ApplicationsEmergency Grant Application (Disaster, 2021)applications
Applications, Guidelines & PoliciesEmergency Ministry Grants: Listing & LinksMissing Attachmentapplications guidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesFEMA Public Assistance Guidelines: Houses of Worshipguidelines-policies
COMForm A: New Installed Teaching Elder (Terms of Call)com
COMForm B: Annual Report for Installed Teacher Elder (Terms of Call)com
COMForm C: New Positions for other Teaching Elders (Terms of Call)com
COMForm D: Changes/Extensions for other Teaching Elders (Terms of Call)com
COM, FormsForm E1: Non-Parish Minister of the Word and Sacrament Request for Validationcom forms
COM, FormsForm E2: Non-Parish Minister of the Word and Sacrament Compensationcom forms
COM, FormsForm E3: Renewal of Validated Position Questionnairecom forms
COM, FormsForm E4: Member-at-Large Annual Report to the Presbyterycom forms
Applications, CPMForm1A Inquirer: Application for Enrollment by Presbyteryapplications cpm
CPM, FormsForm1B Inquirer: Questions for Reflectioncpm forms
CPM, Guidelines & PoliciesForm1C Financial Planning for Theological Educationcpm guidelines-policies
CPM, FormsForm1D Inquirer: Session Evaluation & Recommendation Regarding Enrollmentcpm forms
CPM, FormsForm2A Inquirer: Report of Consultation Regarding Applicationcpm forms
CPM, FormsForm2B Inquirer: Covenant Agreement Releasecpm forms
CPM, FormsForm3 CPM Pre-Consultation Report on Development Areascpm forms
CPM, FormsForm4 CPM Report on Consultation: Con’t of Preparation Phasecpm forms
Applications, CPMForm5A Candidate: Application for Enrollment by Presbyteryapplications cpm
CPM, FormsForm5B Candidate: Session Evaluation & Recommendation Regarding Enrollmentcpm forms
CPM, FormsForm5C Candidate: Report of Consultation Regarding Applicationcpm forms
CPM, FormsForm5D Candidate: Covenant Agreement & Releasecpm forms
CPM, FormsForm6 Candidate: Final Assessment/Summary Report of Readiness for Ordination Examinationcpm forms
Forms, MIFGeneral Presbyter Ministry Information Formforms mif
Grace Presbytery Organizational Chart
Grace Presbytery Staff Chart
May 2021: Mental Health Month
ApplicationsNew Ministry Start Up: Grant Applicationapplications
ApplicationsPayroll Assistance: Grant Guidelines & Applicationapplications
Guidelines & PoliciesPC(USA) Legal Services: FAQ on COVID and Church Building Useguidelines-policies
CPM, Guidelines & PoliciesPCUSA Advisory Handbook: Preparation for Ministrycpm guidelines-policies
CPM, Guidelines & PoliciesPCUSA Handbook: Standard Ordination Examscpm guidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPDA Congregational Disaster Preparedness Planguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Alternative Testing Procedure for Standard Ordination Examsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Child Protectionguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Church Bondsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Church Mailing Labelsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Commissioned Pastors and Program for Recruitment, Training, and Strategic Deploymentguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Displays at Presbytery Meetingsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Dissolving Congregationsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Distaster Readiness and Response Planguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Distribution of Proceeds and Revenues from Sales of Assets and Royaltiesguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Electronic Communicationguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on File and Reference Guidelinesguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Financial Accounts and Fundsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Financial Policies and Proceduresguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Fund to Aid Persons of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Pursuit of a Master of Divinity Degreeguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Indebtedness of Students and Clergyguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Meeting Cancellation and Communicationguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Minimum Compensation for Certified Christian Educatorsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on New Worshiping Communities, Fellowships, and New Church Developmentsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Parental Leaveguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Personnel Manualguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Relief of Conscienceguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Sexual Misconductguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Shared Grantsguidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Spending Rate for Presbytery Fundsguidelines-policies
CPM, Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Theological Educationcpm guidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesPolicy on Trustee Policiesguidelines-policies
FormsPrairie Valley Legacy Fund Scholarshipforms
Guidelines & PoliciesPresbytery Bylawsguidelines-policies
Race in America: Michael W. Waters
Racial Justice Resources (Bibliography)
FormsRequest to be added to Occasional Supply Listforms
ApplicationsSmall Church Ministry Needs: Grant Applicationapplications
Guidelines & PoliciesStandards of Ethical Conduct of the Presbyterian Church (USA)guidelines-policies
Guidelines & PoliciesStanding Rules and Manual of Administrative Operationsguidelines-policies
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes April 7, 2021minutes
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes February 24, 2021minutes
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes January 27, 2021minutes
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes June 12, 2020minutes
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes March 16, 2020minutes
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes May 6, 2020minutes
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes November 18, 2020minutes
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes Oct 21, 2020minutes
MinutesStated Council Meeting Minutes Sept 2, 2020minutes
MinutesStated Meeting Minutes February 2019minutes
MinutesStated Meeting Minutes February 22, 2020minutes
MinutesStated Meeting Minutes June 2019minutes
MinutesStated Meeting Minutes September 2019minutes
Forms, Guidelines & PoliciesValidated Ministers & Membersforms guidelines-policies