On behalf of Grace Presbytery, we want to communicate how business will be conducted while the Stated Clerk position is vacant.

Communications to the clerk are being triaged by Tammy Stepka and routed to the appropriate staff: Interim General Presbyter, Moderator, and trustees to handle inquiries as needed in this transitional time.

For items typically handled or signed by the clerk, we will follow our standing rules which provide for completion of business. Section 7.4 states:

7.4 The following are authorized to sign legal documents to execute decisions made by the Board of Trustees or the Presbytery Council: any trustee, members of Administrative Commissions charged with dissolving a congregation, the General Presbyter, the Stated Clerk, the Presbytery Treasurer, the Director of Property Management, and other staff members designated by the Board of Trustees, Presbytery Council, or General Presbyter.

Many presbytery positions are alternate signers to the Stated Clerk, per the standing rules, and can cover during the vacancy. Presbytery Moderator Mike Jones and Council Moderator Denyse Rodgers are collaborating with staff during this time of transition to ensure that the work of the presbytery is not interrupted.

Our standing rules require that Presbytery Council form a search committee composed of Council and Personnel Committee members to fill the vacancy. This committee will most likely be formed at the October 19th Presbytery Council meeting.

Following these appointments, the committee will interview candidates and make a nomination for the council’s review and approval. The resulting candidate will be presented to Grace Presbytery for selection; for a 1-year term or the balance of a 1-year term ending December 31, 2023. Individuals have indicated potential interest to personnel members already this week, so we hope this process will advance as quickly as possible.

Please understand that while we are trying to ensure a continuity of work flow, some requests may be delayed in the transition. We appreciate your patience. You can help reduce any delays by getting requests in early, as you are able. Please make every effort to get requests in early so that we avoid emergency fire drills to take care of business.

Besides sending an email, if you have not heard back please contact us by phone to check that your requests have been received and are being processed.

Agenda items for Presbytery Council should be submitted to Tammy Stepka no later than Wednesday, October 12th. Please keep Grace Presbytery and the presbytery staff in your prayers as we work toward fulfilling our mission together.

Mike Jones
Moderator, Grace Presbytery

Denyse Rodgers
Moderator, Presbytery Council

Chip Black
Moderator, Personnel Committee

Tammy Stepka
Coordinator of Office and Ministry