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Grace Presbytery Resources

The Grace Presbytery Resource Center is home to books, curriculum, and videos for members of the Presbytery and its congregations to borrow, free of charge. Search the Resource Center Catalog by clicking the link below or contact Leah Wyckoff for more information.

The Forms and Documents link collects all types of presbytery-produced resources like minutes from Presbytery meetings, to forms for becoming a commissioned pastor. Documents are typically posted as PDFs or DOC files.

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Resources for Congregations

The questions for local congregations range widely. What does my church do when our pastor is out of town? How does my church do a mission study? What does the church do if it wants to sell its property? Grace Presbytery is here to help your congregation find the answers to these questions. Click the button for resources below to find answers to these questions and more.

Mission Insite is a tool for local congregations to get demographic data like age, diversity, family status, educational level, income level, poverty level, and housing type about their own communities. As a congregation of Grace Presbytery, you can access this information online free of charge. Click the Mission Insite link below to learn more.

Where do pastors start?

Resources for Pastors

When people of faith believe they have received a call to pastor a church in the PC(USA), the Presbyterian Church has processes in place to work with you and your congregation to prepare you for this work in the church. There are two ways that people called to ministry can minister in the PC(U.S.A.).

The most common way to become a pastor in the PC(U.S.A.) is to pursue ordination to the position of Minister of Word and Sacrament. The process is outlined on the Becoming a Minister page. Typically these candidates will study in a seminary while maintaining membership in a local church.

A Commissioned Pastor is a ruling elder of a Presbyterian Church and is active in the life and ministry of his or her local church. This person responds to a call to enter ministry and works with a local congregation to see if this unique role is suited to their situation. More information about this process is oulined on our Becoming a Commissioned Pastor page.

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Spiritual Vitality Resources

In addition spiritual support through our many local congregations, the PC(U.S.A.) has other opportunities to develop a vital spiritual life. Retreats, advocacy groups, and educational institutions are just some of the resources that Grace Presbytery and the PC(U.S.A.) offer. Click Denominatinal Resources below to learn more.