f you are wondering where the youth of the church are, we found them.

They are a part of our churches, and while you may not see large numbers of them every Sunday, Grace Presbytery supports them – and in doing so helps our youth develop amazing leadership and spiritual growth. Presbyterian Youth Triennium, held at Purdue University in July, was a beautiful opportunity to see thousands of high school youth gather, worship, eat, serve, and play together.

On Sunday, July 14, the presbytery’s delegation of 120 youth and adult sponsors gathered and took the long bus trip to Indiana. This journey was full of respectful, positive and enthusiastic youth. This group of young leaders in the church represented Grace Presbytery well.

Musicians helped us worship on the way there. Elders served communion. Our entire group followed the rules and helped each another. All the youth got to know one another and Presbyterians from around the world.

We focused on the Triennium theme: Here’s my Heart. The theme centered on “Come thou Font” and called us to hear God and give our heart to God and one another. Energizers and music got us on our feet, and so did the inspirational preaching and drama teams.

One of our own, Jonathan Rice, Youth Ministry Committee member from Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church, served on the Triennium worship production team. Our hearts swelled as thousands of youth lined up to worship and met preaching with standing ovations.

There is a tradition at Triennium of trading pins that represent your area of the country. Our youth designed pins sporting the word “Y’all” which represented us well and lead to interesting conversations.

Constantly people remarked about the size of our delegation. It is due to the financial support of Grace Presbytery, the caring and dedicated staff, and the faithful adults and youth from all our churches that made this great delegation possible. So, thank you. I am grateful to witness such passion in the hearts of so many Presbyterian youth.

Humbled and Inspired,

Rev. Alissa Conner
St. Philip Presbyterian Church
Hurst, Texas