New and recent favorite resources for Lent are available now from the Grace Presbytery Resource Center. To check them out or find other resources, please contact Resource Center Director Leah Wyckoff.

Entering the Passion of Jesus: A Beginner’s Guide to Holy Week, by Amy-Jill Levine (Abingdon, 2018). Six-session book and video-based study by AJ Levine on the history and literature surrounding the last day’s of Jesus’ life.

Holy Solitude: Lenten Reflections with Saints, Hermits, Prophets, and Rebels, by Heidi Haverkamp (WJK, 2017).  Daily reflections on faith heroes from Scripture and Christian history who experienced God powerfully in solitude. Includes weekly spiritual practices and questions for reflection.

Lent in Plain Sight: A Devotion through Ten Objects, by Jill J. Duffield (WJK, 2020). For each week of Lent, the author focuses on an ordinary object that Jesus encountered on his way to Jerusalem, with Scripture, prayer and reflection. Includes questions for individual or group reflection.

Looking at the Cross, by James D. Miller (Presbyterian Publishing, 2012). Six-week study of the biblical and theological implications of the cross of Jesus Christ and what it means for our faith.

Make Room: A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter, by Laura Alary (Paraclete, 2016). A book that teaches children to experience Lent with all their senses, and to see it as a special time for creating a welcoming space for God. Emphasizes simple activities as acts of justice and kindness, part of a life of following Christ.

The Pilgrim’s Compass: Finding and Following the God We Seek, by Paul H. Lang. The author guides readers through a metaphorical pilgrimage to consider one’s life a journey for faith formation. He provides tools for the pilgrim and focuses on four stages of intentional faithfulness: encounter, struggle, wounding, and rebirth.

Were You There? Lenten Reflections on the Spirituals, by Luke Powery (Westminster John Knox, 2019). Dean of Duke University Chapel, Powery leads readers though the Spirituals as they confront the mystery of Christ’s atoning death and victory over the grave. Daily readings include lyrics of a spiritual, Scripture, and a reflection by the author.