Recommendations for Studies, Devotions, and Worship/Gathering Planning courtesy of Leah Wyckoff, Resource Center Director


  • Meeting Jesus at the Table, by Cynthia Campbell & Christine Coy Fohr (WJK, 2023). Eight session book study with biblical insights along with thought-provoking queries regarding our own time, such as whom should we invite to Sunday dinner and who is left out and left behind in our culture today. Includes discussion questions and ideas to tie together worship and service. 
  • Luke: Jesus and the Outsiders, Outcasts, and Outlaws, by Adam Hamilton (Abingdon, 2023). Six-session video-based study that explores the life of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Luke, and Jesus’ care and compassion for all as he welcomes sinners and outcasts.


  • Bless the Lent We Actually Have daily devotions using excerpts from the book Bless the Lives We Actually Have (Convergent, 2023), by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richey and free daily devotional guide; free group guide also available. See details and download links at
  • The Desert of Compassion: Devotions for the Lenten Journey, by Rachel Srubas (WJK, 2023). The season of Lent, based on Jesus’ forty days in the desert, calls you to navigate your own trials with trust in God and compassion for yourself. Includes free group discussion guide and other media helps.

Worship, Gathering, and Faith at Home Planning

  • Dancing in the Desert: Prayers and Reflections for Lent, by Sally Foster-Fulton (Wild Goose, 2016). Reflections, meditations, prayers, activities, and liturgies for Lent. Includes worship for Ash Wednesday, all-age service for Shrove Tuesday, and other intergenerational resources.
  • Follow Me: Love God, Neighbor, Enemy Congregational Guide (Presbyterian Publishing, 2023). Resources for church leaders to explore the practice of loving through action by serving a stranger, showing mercy, washing another’s feet, being courageous, and living peaceably. Includes worship helps, café discussion guide, intergenerational session, and practicing the practice at home resource.

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