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Address: Grace Presbytery
6100 Colwell Blvd Ste 100
Irving, TX 75039-3148
Phone: (214) 630-4502
(800) 678-4502
Fax: (214) 637-6324
Office Hours: Monday РThursday,  8:00 am Р5:00 pm
Friday, 8:00 am – 12:30 pm


Please choose a member of our staff to contact. If you are sending a general comment or are not sure who you want to contact, you can send to our general inbox by clicking the link below:


Jan Devries Janet M. DeVries
General Presbyter
Ext. 5609
contact_gerrytery2 Gerry Tyer
Stated Clerk
Ext. 5611
Michael Thompson Michael Thompson
Associate General Presbyter
Ext. 5606
Ronnie Holloman Ronnie Holloman
Senior Director of Ministry & Church Transition
Ext. 5608
Ken Johnson Ken Johnson
Presbytery Treasurer
Ext. 5604
Judy Ramos
Director of Communications
Ext. 5601
Gary Holloman
Director of Youth & Young Adults
Ext. 5617
Leah Wyckoff
Director of Resource Center
Ext. 5616
Joanna Kim Joanna Kim
Director of Cross Cultural Mission and Ministry
Ext. 5602
Vicki Roberts
Financial Coordinator
Ext. 5612
Jim Hawthorne
COM Consultant
Gloria Beard Gloria Beard
Executive Assistant to Senior Director of Ministry
& Church Transitions
Ext. 5607
Vandee DeLeon
Executive Assistant to General Presbyter, Associate General Presbyter & Stated Clerk
Ext. 5610