A few words from the Disaster Response Team (DRT) of Grace Presbytery, courtesy of Rev. Jim Reinarz

Many of us are finally recovering from the winter storm of 2021, but be aware that spring storm season is now upon us. As most Texas are aware, spring storms can bring wind, hail, heavy rains, and tornadoes.

Did you know that Texas is the tornado capital of the country, averaging 132 tornadoes per year? North Texas, on average, experiences 25 tornadoes per year.

Awareness and preparedness are essential. Make a plan, pay attention to weather alerts, and communicate regularly with your congregation and neighbors.

Here are some resources for being storm smart and prepared:

Tarrant County Office of Emergency Management

American Red Cross

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)


Ready.gov (an official site of the US Government)

The Disaster Response Team is available via email. Reach out anytime. We are here to help.

Team Members

Phil Darby      
Rev. Dr. James W. Ellor | First Presbyterian, Waco
Jodi Haun | First Presbyterian, Grapevine
Rev. Ashley A. Hood | First Presbyterian, Grapevine
Neelam Math       
Tim McNutt | Nor’Kirk Presbyterian, Carrollton
Brian Parker | Woodhaven Presbyterian, Irving
Rev. James P. Reinarz | Honorably Retired
John Tieken | First Presbyterian, Henderson
Janet Walters | Canyon Creek Presbyterian, Richardson
Rev. Candice Richey Womack | United Presbyterian, Greenville

Staff Liaison: Joanna Kim