Dear Ministers of the Word and Sacrament,

Summer is upon us, and it is time to slip away and rest for a while.

The number one issue in our churches, according to national studies and anecdotal conversation, is that church leaders are tired. We are still making our way through the pandemic, continuing to try and discern the way forward.

It is time to find some space for ourselves. This will enable us to minister to others from a place of well-being. The Committee on Ministry of Grace Presbytery has heard the cry for support, respite and renewal. To that end, we have planned the following retreat for ministers and church leaders in all kinds of callings:

“Come Away With Me: The Rock Poured Out”

A Retreat for Church Leaders
Wednesday, August 24th through Friday, August 26th
Camp Gilmont

Come away with Jesus in order to illuminate the way forward. You are invited to gather with other leaders to pray, laugh, and listen. Tap into the energy that is Christ moving in you.

The retreat begins at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 24th and concludes with lunch on Friday, August 26th. You are invited to come a day early to enjoy your own, self-designed time of renewal. There will be outdoor prayer stations and spiritual direction available beginning Tuesday, August 23rd.

The Committee on Ministry is covering one-half of the expense of the retreat, so the cost is only $90 per person.

More information, including leadership details and registration are available here.
Online registration is now open.

If you can not attend, please consider sharing this invitation with others who may need this time away.

Living into a New Way of Being and Doing,

Steve Shive
Interim General Presbyter
Grace Presbytery