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Grace Presbytery » Preaching Requirements

Preaching Requirements

Every Candidate shall preach a sermon for members of CPM. 

Listening Team will be coordinated by the Candidate’s CPM liaison (ordinarily with at least two members of CPM). The Candidate and/or the session may designate additional elders or pastors to listen to the sermon and provide feedback on the CPM evaluation form.

Preaching Passage shall be one of the lectionary texts for the Sunday closest to the date of preaching.

Exegetical Paper will be written by the Candidate based on the preaching passage. This exegesis paper is also part of the Candidate’s preaching evaluation.

Pastoral Prayer/Prayers of the People must be written by the Candidate and may or may not be used in the worship service. That prayer will be submitted with the sermon text and the exegetical paper.

Preaching Site is determined by the Candidate in consultation with their CPM liaison. One possible site for preaching is the Candidate’s home church. This allows for the church to hear and experience the Candidate’s growth, and provides the Candidate with a familiar environment.

Feedback from the CPM designated listeners will take place after the worship service. A standard CPM evaluation form will be used to provide encouragement and challenge on the Candidate’s preaching, exegetical paper and prayer.


The sermon text, the exegetical paper and a copy of their Pastoral Prayer/Prayers of the People must be sent to the Candidate’s liaison at least one week prior to the sermon date.