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Grace Presbytery » Other Requirements

Other Requirements

Clinical Pastoral Education

Every Inquirer/Candidate shall complete at least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from an accredited program of the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education. (

It is the Inquirer/Candidate’s responsibility to be sure that written copies of the supervisor’s final evaluation of the Inquirer/Candidate are forwarded to the CPM to demonstrate that this requirement has been successfully fulfilled.

CPE is not a substitute for an internship – it is in addition to the internship requirement.

Polity Requirement

In order to be fully conversant with the polity of the PC(USA), every Inquirer/Candidate shall be required to show polity preparation by passing a course in PC(USA) polity.

Criminal Background Checks

CPM requires criminal background checks for all persons under its care. Background checks may be repeated by the presbytery at anytime while you are under our care.

Healthcare Coverage

All Inquirers/Candidates must have healthcare coverage for themselves and any dependents from the beginning and throughout the entire process of preparation for ministry. Evidence of such coverage must be shown to the CPM at each step of the process.

Inquirers/Candidates are free to obtain healthcare from the provider of their choice. The Board of Pensions of the PC(USA) offers healthcare coverage to seminary students at a very reasonable cost. This plan will also allow plan members to continue coverage in any ‘gap’ time between graduation and receiving a call. Many other plans terminate coverage upon graduation or charge expensive premiums to cover this in-between time.

The Board of Pensions application forms can be downloaded from the board’s website at If you have any question or want more information, call the Board of Pensions at 1.800.773.7752.