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Grace Presbytery » Internship Guidelines

Internship Guidelines

In addition to meeting the academic requirements for the Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent, every Inquirer/Candidate shall complete an internship assignment. Ordinarily, the internship will be an intensive, full-time experience for a period of three months OR an extended, part-time experience (10 or more hours per week) for nine months. CPM has established the following guidelines:

The Inquirer/Candidate shall have their internship placement approved by the CPM prior to starting the internship. The Inquirer/Candidate shall give a copy of their learning objectives, contract or covenant to CPM via their liaison.

The CPM expects the internship experience to be one that helps to expand the sInquirer/Candidate’s understanding and breadth of ministry. Ordinarily, the Inquirer/Candidate will not serve an internship within her/his home church. It shall be at a PC(USA) church.

It is the Inquirer/Candidate’s responsibility to be sure that written copies of the supervisor’s final evaluation of the Inquirer/Candidate are forwarded to the CPM to demonstrate that this requirement has been successfully fulfilled.

The Inquirer/Candidate must meet all of the internship requirements below:  Each Inquirer/Candidate should have some experience in each of the following areas during the course of their internship:

  • Worship Leadership – the Inquirer/Candidate shall assist in both the planning and leading of worship on a regular basis.
  • Preaching – the inquirer/Candidate shall preach at least twice and receive formal feedback from both supervisor and members of the congregation.
  • Pastoral Care – the Inquirer/Candidate shall have some experience in, or exposure to, hospital, in-home calling, and/or ministry at time of death.
  • Teaching – the Inquirer/Candidate shall teach some age group, preparing a lesson plan, presenting the lesson, and then evaluating the effectiveness of their lesson.
  • Administration – the Inquirer/Candidate shall have some experience of working with a committee or task group and regularly attend session meetings.
  • Evangelism/Mission/Outreach – the Inquirer/Candidate shall have some experience that involves at least one of these areas.

CPM may require additional experiences based upon an individual’s preparation needs.