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Grace Presbytery » Final Assessment

Final Assessment


At the final assessment pre-consultation form 3 shall be used to evaluate readiness for ministry specifically as regards the Book of Order requirements:

Evidence of readiness to begin ordered ministry as a teaching elder shall include: a) a candidate’s wisdom and maturity of faith, leadership skills, compassionate spirit, honest repute, and sound judgment; b) a transcript showing graduation, with satisfactory grades, at a regionally accredited college or university; c) a transcript from a theological institution accredited by the Association of Theological Schools acceptable to the presbytery, showing a course of study including Hebrew and Greek, exegesis of the Old and New Testaments using Hebrew and Greek, satisfactory grades in all areas of study, and graduation or proximity to graduation; and d) satisfactory grades, together with the examination papers in the areas covered by any standard ordination examination approved by General Assembly. Such examinations shall be prepared and administered by a body created by the presbyteries.

(G-2.0607 )

All of the following are to be computer-generated or typed.

  1. Forms 1C and 3
  2. Proof of Health Insurance
  3. Statement of Faith

A 3,000-character summary of the Candidate’s understanding of

  • God and Trinity
  • Creation, including human nature
  • Jesus Christ: Person and Work
  • Sin and Redemption
  • Revelation and Scripture
  • Church and Sacrament
  • History and Eschatology
  • The Reformed Tradition

    1. Completed Personal Information Form (PIF) (not yet submitted to Church Leadership Connection)

    2. All other materials in your file shall be reviewed at this assessment.

When the written requirements are received, the Candidate will be contacted to come before either the entire CPM or a minimum of three persons of the committee. A written summary of the final assessment will be completed using Form 4. Upon approval by CPM, the completed PIF can be circulated, and Form 6 will be completed for the Candidate’s file.