A resource for faith re-formation, authored by four Christian educators ─ including Randall McGee, of St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Dallas, is currently available for download via the Presbyterian Mission website.

Presbyterian News Service’s Scott O’Neill talked with Randall about this reflective tool and its development in Scott’s June article, Office of Christian Formation develops resources to help navigate next steps. An excerpt is below:

“We wanted something that would invite people in, be enjoyable to work with, different from other planning experiences and be useful in a variety of contexts for either groups or individuals,” he said. “It’s a resource we hope will be useful for folks looking at faith formation over the next 18 months to two years and that it pulls people in by being a bit different.”

– Randall mcGee, st. Mark Presbyterian Church

Another familiar name, Miatta Wilson, mission specialist with PC(USA) Office of Christian Formation, also talks about her involvement in the development process.

Be sure to read the full article and pass along a link to colleagues who might find it helpful, as well.

In addition to Randall, resource developers included Kathy Dawson of Decatur, Georgia; Rachel Pederson of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; and Omar Rouchon from Houston. Many thanks to the talented team!