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Grace Presbytery » New Arrivals: Resource Options for Christian Education

New Arrivals: Resource Options for Christian Education

New Youth and Family Ministry Resources for Fall 2019

Grace Presbytery’s Resource Center has the following new and recent favorite youth and family ministry resources which may be useful for your congregation.

Contact Resource Center Director Leah Wyckoff to request or reserve them.

  • Affirm: God’s Call/The World’s Need/Your Purpose (Abingdon Press). Six-session video-based discipleship resource that provides a flipped classroom experience, enabling teens to articulate what they believe and why, helping them see how faith can be practiced in their everyday lives.
  • All the Best Questions! (Beaming Books). The author, a youth pastor, brings all the toughest questions he’s gotten together in one book…with some answers, too. From theology to science, helps young people get answers to the questions they’re afraid to ask–and give them the tools they need to wrestle with their own answers. Includes a Group Guide in the back for those who want to use the book for youth group or small group study.
  • Alpha Youth Series (Alpha International). 13-session interactive video series exploring the basics of Christian faith with youth.
  • Big God Big Questions (Geneva Press). The 12 or 24-session confirmation curriculum from the PC(USA) is now available for preview from the Resource Center.
  • Growing With: Every Parent’s Guide to Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Thrive in Their Faith, Family, and Future (Baker Books). The authors equip parents to take steps toward their teenagers and young adults in a mutual journey of intentional growth that trusts God to transform them all.
  • Small(er) Church Youth Ministry (Abingdon Press). Guides readers to see the big impact small churches can have on the faith journey of their young people and provides practical suggestions for designing, launching, and leading an effective disciple-making youth ministry.
  • Believe.Do: Sin (Sparkhouse). 4-session video-based group study for grades 9-12 that helps teens unpack the topic of sin—what it means, where it comes, and what to do about it. Other units in the Think.Believe.Do series include Prayer and Bible.
  • Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times, by Josh Tinley (Abingdon Press). 5-session study that explores the worries and fears many people experience and how we can live faithfully as disciples in troubled times.
  • What Makes a Hero? The Death-Defying Ministry of Jesus, by Mike Poteet (Abingdon Press). 6-session study for grades 6-12 on what it looks like to be victorious over trials and temptations. Each session uses a video clip from a recent superhero movie.

New Children and Family Resources for Fall 2019             

Grace Presbytery’s Resource Center has the following new and recent favorite children and family ministry resources which may be useful for your congregation.

Contact Resource Center Director Leah Wyckoff to request or reserve them.

  • A Place for You: Holy Communion Resources (Augsburg Fortress). Resources for all ages of the congregation on communion. Includes theological backgrounds, early childhood session, three elementary sessions for kids and parents, an intergenerational event, prayer stations, worship litany, family devotions, three-session video and more.
  • At Psalms School/En la escuela de los Salmos (Calvin Press). Aprendiendo los multiples elementos de la adoracion cristiana/Learning the Multiple Elements of Christian Worship. This illustrated picture book explores the prayer book from Psalms, how they teach us to listen to and talk with God in worship, at church, and every day. Each page includes verses from three Psalms that fit the theme, as well as colorful illustrations.
  • Baptism Promises (Flyaway Books). A board book that helps explain to children the significance of their baptism and the promises their family and church community made to them during the sacrament.
  • Come to the Water: Holy Baptism Resources (Augsburg Fortress). Resources for all ages in the congregation, including baptism preparation sessions and baptism review sessions for young children with their parents and for elementary kids, youth, and adults. Also includes 7 mini-Bible studies, an intergenerational event, a self-study resource, reproducible resources, and a one-session video.
  • Faithful Celebrations series (Church Publishing). Experiential, cross-generational activities (children, youth and adults) for celebrating seasons of the year, both with the church calendar and cultural calendars in the US. Each event to be celebrated includes key ideas, a cluster of activities to experience the key ideas, materials needed, full instructions for implementation, background history and information, music, art, recipes, and prayer resources to use in a small, intimate or large, multi-generational group. Four books cover these seasons: Autumn, Advent, Mardi Gras to Pentecost, and Friends and Family (Spring/Summer).
  • Families at the Center of Faith Formation (Life Long Faith). The authors provide guidance for developing the family as a community of faith and school of discipleship while equipping parents and grandparents to transmit the Christian faith at home.
  • Learning to Study the Bible for Tweens (Abingdon Press). An eight-session course that guides tweens (10-12 year-olds) to learn how to study and interpret the Bible. Uses the Common English Bible translation.
  • Learning to Use My Bible (Abingdon Press). Eight sessions on basic Bible skills for children ages 7-9. Designed for use with the Common English Bible.
  • 6 Secrets of Preteen Ministry (Abingdon Press). Covers the basic principles of discipleship with preteens, including developmental milestones, the role of parents, the use of technology, and ways to be inclusive of preteens with special needs.

The Grace Presbytery Resource Center is open during presbytery office hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday during the summer months. (Friday hours will resume August 23, 2019.)

Open off-hours by appointment.

Resource Center Director: Leah Wyckoff