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Grace Presbytery » Mission Co-Workers

Mission Co-Workers

Mission Committed Presbyterian Mission Co-Workers


Rev. Cathy Chang

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From their home base in Manila, Philippines, Cathy Chang and Juan Lopez will help global partners address issues of migration and human trafficking.  The UN’s International Labor Organization estimates 21 million people are victims of coerced labor and/or forced sexual exploitation.  While human trafficking is a worldwide problem, countries in Asia are increasingly vulnerable. Cathy and Juan will work with Asian churches and non-governmental organizations to help coordinate efforts related to the scourge of modern-day slavery. They will also resource various programs of the Presbyterian Mission Agency and US congregations concerned about the issue.


Rev. Victor Makari

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Victor Makari serves as a regional consultant for the Diyar Consortium’s Religion and State Program. It examines the relationship between religion and governments in the Arab World and  how a dominant religious majority’s views, prejudices, and even doctrine infringes on the rights of religious minorities, women and youth. Sara Makari edits English language publications produced by the Diyar Consortium and engages in a ministry of hospitality in the couple’s home.  In his work as partnership liaison, Victor facilitates the joint mission work of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the region and supports the ministries of Presbyterian mission co-workers.


Both Sara and Victor are pleased to be working alongside Palestinian Christians as they seek to bring peace to the land of Jesus’ birth. They are grieved by the thousands of lives lost in the Israel-Palestinian conflict and saddened by the yoke of occupation that continues to encumber their Palestinian neighbors. Every day they see the results of the occupation, which include high unemployment; shortages of basic necessities such as water, clothing, electricity, and heating fuel;  loss of land and livelihood; restricted movement; and displacement. “I salute the fortitude and tenacity of hope of the people of this land and dearly appreciate all that makes my living and serving here possible,” Sara says.




Minister Member of Grace Presbytery

Rev. Sharon Bryant

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Rev. Dr. Sharon Bryant is a Minister member of Grace Presbytery. She was appointed as coordinator of Christian volunteers with the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) in January 2011. She helps place volunteer English teachers in 25 schools supported by the CCT, orienting and equipping the volunteers, visiting them and the schools regularly and ensuring the overall smooth functioning of the Christian Volunteers Thailand Program. By expanding English offerings, the CCT hopes to strengthen the church’s witness as it gives Thai students an important tool for success in academia and international commerce.

Rev, Dr. Sharon served for six years as pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Stephenville, Texas. She spent nearly 20 years working in managerial jobs in the secular world before beginning ministry preparation at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where she received the Master of Divinity degree. She learned to love Thailand while growing up there as the daughter of Presbyterian missionaries Richard and Evelyn Bryant.