Grace Presbytery youth and their sponsors recently took part in the first weekend of this year’s GAP event (formerly known as spring Youthquake), a conference for middle-school-aged youth lead by Grace Presbytery’s high school youth leadership team, P.U.L.S.E., at Camp Gilmont.

Through several meetings and training sessions, P.U.L.S.E. leaders developed and mapped out this year’s theme,“Labels.” Participants were involved in small groups, which served as the most intimate settings for the weekend.

n these small groups, youth were encouraged to open their hearts to what God is saying through group activities.

It also offered the opportunity for participants to create new bonds with other youth their age.

In addition to these small groups, everyone enjoyed activities like zip lining, canoeing, hiking, games, energizers, and lots of singing.

Gift of the Heart Kits for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance were prepared and packed as the weekend mission project.

In a truly joyous atmosphere, everyone was united under one cause; helping those in need. Thanks be to God!

Participants left, “labeled” by God, knowing that the lessons learned and friendships built were not going stay at the conference but would travel with them, making a lasting impact on their lives.

What’s next? The second weekend of GAP! More worship, fellowship, mission – and of course, energizers!

Have questions about GAP and other presbytery youth programs?

Gary Holloman, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries for Grace Presbytery can help.

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