You may view this message in video format via the Grace Presbytery Vimeo page. Our thanks to Rev. John Williams, moderator for Grace Presbytery Council, and Rev. Kate McGee, moderator of the General Presbyter Search Committee, for their efforts in conveying this message.

Following the departure of our most recent general presbyter, the focus of Grace Presbytery and the presbytery council was initially to spend a year on intentional interim work, while the search committee elected by the presbytery in February 2020 searched for a new general presbyter.

Our council initially called Rev. Mike Thompson to begin that interim work with us. Then the pandemic hit, causing the presbytery, the council, and the General Presbyter Search Committee to divert attention to other pressing matters.

After the completion of Mike Thompson’s term, the council called a second interim general presbyter, Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Shive.

The council and the Personnel Committee tasked Steve with three priorities for our work together:

1) Restoring and building trust,
2) Capturing and defining the vision of Grace Presbytery for the next 2-3 years, and
3) Aligning presbytery staff and financial resources around this vision.

Rather than rush to find our next GP, we believe it is important to set aside a longer time to seek God’s guidance in doing this work together.

It is our belief that we, after taking a hard look at ourselves, would rather call a new general presbyter to a presbytery that is poised to move into a new season with a clearer sense of call and trust together. It is our hope that you feel the same.

May God guide us in this work and poise us for what is to come.

Rev. John Williams
Moderator, Grace Presbytery Council
Chaplain, Austin College; Sherman, Texas