In the last month, since our October update from Presbytery Council, much has changed. The landscape of the pandemic has taken yet another turn as both COVID cases and hospitalization rates increase rapidly. This is a trend we are witnessing here in our state and nationwide.

We can report that most congregations that made the decision to resume in-person worship, back in the early summer months, have now returned to online worship only.

For the majority of our presbytery, online worship has remained the sole focus, with occasional outdoor offerings or small group meetings that utilize social distancing techniques and mask requirements.

Based on the geographical size of Grace Presbytery, as well as the number of churches and variations in size, our official recommendation remains unchanged: Sessions must make the most faithful decisions they can in light of their own local health realities, as well as the unique concerns for their particular congregations. This includes the decision by council that the offices at the Presbyterian Mission Center in Irving should remain officially closed.

We continue to encourage local church leaders to heed their health department’s guidance related to the spread and risk of COVID-19 in their communities.

The Committee on Ministry is also working to remain in contact with our churches and pastoral leaders. You can reach out to your COM liaison at any time with questions and feedback.

Continued grace and peace,

Michael Waschevski
Moderator, Committee on Ministry

Michael Thompson
Interim General Presbyter