Dedicated to alleviating and supporting our congregations in recovery efforts following last month’s winter storm, the Presbytery Council’s allocated funds, gifts from member churches, and provisions from Presbyterian agencies have provided immediately-available grants/emergency funding opportunities. 

Why are these funds offered? We believe that Grace Presbytery embodies the Gospel of Jesus Christ by relating connectionally, especially during such times of crisis and associated efforts to rebuild.

Who is eligible? Every congregation of our presbytery that is engaged in the assessment and repair of damages is eligible to apply for emergency funds.

How many churches were affected and how are they fairing? The Grace Presbytery Support Team has heard from 25 congregations to date. Repair efforts and progress varies, depending on the degree of damage sustained and insurance coverage. You can view a list of the affected churches here.

Below is a list of resources we hope you continue to find helpful. Grace Presbytery, and the disaster response team members, are here to listen, assist, and pray with you as your church discerns next steps.

Please let us hear from you with any questions or concerns. If your congregation is in need, we are here to help. We are Grace.

Joanna Kim, Ministry Services Director
on behalf of the Grace Presbytery Support Team


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