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Grace Presbytery » Volunteer Job Listing: Grace Presbytery Treasurer

Volunteer Job Listing: Grace Presbytery Treasurer

If you know someone who would be interested in being Treasurer of Grace Presbytery starting in 2020, please let us know by responding via email to

We are seeking qualified persons with an accounting background (need not be a CPA, but needs financial experience). This person works with our Director of Finance, Vicki Roberts, and intersects with several presbytery committees. An orientation period will be provided for any person elected.

By its Standing Rules, Grace Presbytery elects both its Treasurer and Stated Clerk on an annual basis. It is generally the case that these persons are re-elected without much comment at the presbytery meeting in late fall, except to express appreciation for their service.

Volunteer Job Description

Questions about the position can be addressed to Jan DeVries, General Presbyter at 214.393.5609 or by email. Interested parties can also use the email above.

We encourage anyone with personal interest or suggestions, or potential candidates, to contact us!