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Grace Presbytery » Updates from Cuba

Updates from Cuba

Our Director of Ministry Services Joanna Kim has an update from the Grace Presbytery’s trip to Cuba:

Good morning from La Habana!

This morning we are relocating to Seminary housing and kicking off the church visits and meetings with various leaders/pastors throughout the Presbytery of Matanzas.


Seminary international relations coordinator, Moraima Gonzalez is a delightful, seasoned and gracious host and coordinated a significant intro visit to Cuba in La Habana.


WiFi is super limited. All of our phones remain in airplane mode at all times. The convent where we stayed the last two nights sells its own 60 minute WiFi card which works great but with restricted usage to the inside of this building only.  I am not sure what the situation will be in the Seminary and in Matanzas.


This is a great team from Grace and everyone is truly enjoying the experience and learning, and soaking all up.


Thank you for the prayers and thoughts, Joanna


Joanna Kim

Director of Ministry Services