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Grace Presbytery » Resources to help you understand the actions of the 221st General Assembly

Resources to help you understand the actions of the 221st General Assembly

The following documents are provided to help you understand the actions of the 221st General Assembly that met in June, 2014. These documents were provided to the people who attended the presbytery’s post-General Assembly conversations – Kilgore on July 20 and Presbyterian Mission Center in Irving on July 26.


A Pastoral Epistle
by the Rev. Harry Meissner
Constitutional Musings: Misrpresentations about the PC(USA)
Marriage and Authoritative Interpretation

  • Pastoral Letter from PC(USA) Letters to the church on Assembly’s marriage actions
  • Assembly approves allowing pastors to perform same-gender marriage where legal; Sends proposed constitutional amendment changing marriage definition
  • Marriage and Civil Unions
  • FAQs on Same-Gender Marriage


Middle East and Divestment

  • FAQ on Divestment
  • By slim margin, Assembly approves divestment from three companies doing business in Israel/Palestine
  • Middle East Committee recommends divestment from Caterpillar, H-P and Motorola
  • An Open Letter of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to our American Jewish Interfaith Partners


Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations

  • Assembly adopts statement laying out ‘Interreligious Stance’ of PC(USA)
  • Principles for Interfaith Dialogue


Belhar Confession

  • Assembly sends Belhar Confession to presbyteries for inclusion in Book of Confessions
  • Major themes of the Belhar Confessions explored in Being Reformed study
  • FAQs about the Confession of Belhar


Immigration and Evironmental Issues

  • Outline of General Assembly Policy related to Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Immigration Reform Debate and General Assembly Policy
  • Fossil fuel overture sent to the Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee


Assembly votes to cut number of synods, but by fewer than recommended
Board of Pensions welcomes new president, Frank Spencer
Assembly acts decisively on gun violence, abortion, tax reform
Peacemaking Committee votes to recommend that the Assembly take action aimed at restoring relationship with Cuba
Hope can be heartbreaking, but Christ never disappoints Egyptian theologian reminds Assembly