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Grace Presbytery » Registration for 2019 JHaMS at Austin College now open!

Registration for 2019 JHaMS at Austin College now open!

When a friend says “I got you,” you know they’re a special friend. Can you imagine how it feels when God says “I got you?” Come find out at JHaMS!

JHaMS at AC is a 4-day retreat for rising 6th-9th grade students sponsored by Austin College, Grace Presbytery, and the Prairie Valley Legacy Fund of First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth.

During the day participants at this event participate in service projects, worship, get connected in small groups, and play together. At night, we all get to stay in the Austin College dorms.

Our keynote speakers and event musicians are The Many.

This collective does more than simply concerts… they create experiences in which they weave together music, words, images and liturgy into an engaging, participatory, transformational event.

Our theme this year is I Got You. Based on Psalm 139, we will focus on God’s love of all of us, in all our differences, to bring home the idea that we can be honestly who we are, with all our questions and doubt and fears.

God gets you. And loves you. Inside. Outside. Through and through.

Find out more about the event, how to register and even some random things on the JHaMS website.

Have questions? Gary Holloman, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries for Grace Presbytery can help.

Direct link: JHaMS Registration