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Grace Presbytery » Presbytery Meeting – Trinity, The Colony sees a new beginning with the sale of property

Presbytery Meeting – Trinity, The Colony sees a new beginning with the sale of property

by Rob Allen
Director of Communications

Trinity Presbyterian Church of The Colony is participating in New Beginnings, a program of the PC(USA) & Grace Presbytery that helps a church to make decisions about its future. For the past five years, Trinity has had issues with building debt, now at approximately $1.2 million, exacerbated by some loss of membership.

“Our mortgage currently runs about $10,000 a month, which is more than we can afford,” said Teaching Elder Chuck Schneider, stated supply pastor for Trinity.

During this time, the presbytery through Committee on Ministry, Presbytery Council, and Administrative Commission on Property (ACP) has been working with the congregation. Presbytery helped negotiate a reduction of the monthly mortgage payment for one year with Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program (PILP) to $8,000 that covered the interest only to provide some relief. Also, since 2014, the presbytery committed to paying one-half of their pastor’s salary through 2015.

During New Beginnings  group discussions, Trinity realized that they could no longer do a sustainable ministry in their present site while paying for the building.

“We concluded that the building we now occupy is neither necessary to our ministry nor can we afford it going further. And the building with its debt is a detriment to the ministry we envision going forward,” said Schneider.

In January, the church received an unsolicited offer for the property.

Presbytery approved the motion upon recommendation from ACP. The proceeds from the sale will be deposited in a separate account at the Texas Presbyterian Foundation in the name of the Trinity and Grace Presbytery. Use of the proceeds will be determined jointly by Grace Presbytery and Trinity.