Presbytery Meeting: 1,001 Worshiping Communities

by Rob Allen
Director of Communications
Grace Presbytery


Roger Dermody, Presbyterian Mission Agency Deputy Director for MissionRoger Dermody, Presbyterian Mission Agency deputy director for mission, informed the presbytery about a new initiative called 1,001 Worshiping Communities approved by General Assembly last summer.

The goal is to start 1,001 new worshiping communities in the next ten years. To reach the goal, PC(USA) needs to do do things differently.

“If we expect different results, we have to do different things,” said Dermody, “In reaching de-churched/unchurched people, we need to try new things.”

For example, some of the church’s conventional wisdom is that you need a hundred members to become a church, which is bigger than half of PC(USA)’s churches.

“Some of our conventional wisdom inhibits in creating churches,” said Dermody.

The goals of the initiative are spelled out in the terms, “New,” “Worshiping,” “Communities”:

  • New: New Disciples and new forms of reaching.
  • Worshiping: Gathering new disciples and sending new disciples
  • Community: These new communities are connected to the larger church and are self-sustaining.

Dermody reminded the presbytery that some of this is not new to our Presbyterian experience. In the 19th and early 20th century, the church had an entrepreneurial spirit that took risks in establishing missions, schools, hospitals, and churches.

For more information about 1,001 Worshiping Communities, visit the initiative’s website.