Youth Ministry Committee

What is the Grace Presbytery Youth Ministry Committee?

The Vision that we hold for Youth Ministry in Grace Presbytery is one where the Youth Ministry committee works with individuals and congregations to enable ministry that is multi-directional. We envision youth ministry that is:

  • Connectional – a ministry that brings individuals, the congregations and the presbytery together in ministry.
  • Relational – a ministry that builds strong relationships among all those who have been connected.
  • Nurturing – a ministry that strengthens the lives and faith of young people and those who lead young people, through opportunities for learning, prayer and service.
  • Supportive – a ministry in which participants pray regularly for one another and for the ministry of the church.
  • Applicational – a ministry that helps young people and those who lead young people to a apply faith to everyday life in the church and the world.

Furthermore, we hold a vision that sees the role of the Youth Ministry Committee as being an Advocate for youth in the life and ministry of the church. The Grace Presbytery Youth Ministry Committee (YMC) is an important part of the Grace Presbytery structure. The YMC is responsible for addressing youth ministry needs and concerns of Grace Presbytery and its congregations. The YMC is composed of 27 members elected by the presbytery.

Twelve adults are elected to serve three-year terms on the committee (July-June). They are nominated by the Nominating Committee of the presbytery based upon recommendations received from the congregations of the presbytery. In a similar manner, fifteen youth are elected to serve three-year terms (July – June).

The YMC has three ministry teams: Leadership, Outreach, and Worship.

The teams:

  • Plan and organize events and ministries for junior high and middle school youth, such as Youthquakes;
  • Plan and organize events and ministries for senior high youth, such as Senior High Youth Connection (SHYC);
  • Provide leadership training opportunities for youth and adult leaders of youth;
  • Encourage participation in General Assembly Presbyterian Youth Connection and Synod-sponsored youth events;
  • Communicate Youth Ministry information and youth resources;
  • Connect youth and youth ministries across the presbytery;
  • Help establish relationships among youth and youth ministry leaders

In addition, the YMC is an advocate for the involvement of youth in the whole of the Church’s life.

The YMC meets four times each year:

The YMC is led by a leadership team of adult and youth co-moderators.