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Mission-Study Trips










Grace Presbytery Mission-Study Trip

May 1-16, 2019

  • Gain a fuller understanding of the issues among Palestinians, Jews, and Muslims as people of God who share land and resources
  • Take part in conversations with Arabs, Muslims, and Christians, as well as Jewish settlers and religious leaders
  • Worship with Palestinian Christians

Departure from the U.S. on Wednesday, May 1 is from DFW International Airport, arriving in Amman, Jordan. Travel to Israel-West Bank will take place via ground transport. Double occupancy rate is $4,000 per person. This includes airfare, meals and hotel accommodations, ground transportation, program tickets, tips, and tour guide fees.










Holy Site destinations include:

  • Galilee, Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem
  • Jordanian sites in Madaba, Jerash, Jesus’ baptismal site, and more
  • Petra – World Heritage Site; one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Completed applications are due by Jan. 15, 2019 with a deposit of $750. Balance due no later than April 1, 2019.

For more information and an official application form, contact Rev. Jan DeVries.









Grace Presbytery Mission-Study Trip

September 15-25, 2019

  • Explore Presbyterian historic mission work in Argentina and Uruguay
  • Understand our partnership with the Waldensian Evangelical Church of Río de la Plata (IEVRP)
  • Learn how Latin American theology impacts the development of Protestantism in South America
  • Led by PCUSA Mission Co-worker Dennis Smith, who serves as the regional liaison for South America

Departure from the U.S. will take place Sunday, September 15 (late evening) from DFW International Airport. Double occupancy rate is $3,500 per person. This includes airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, event fees and honoraria.

Completed applications are due by Feb. 15, 2019 with a deposit of $750. Balance due no later than August 15, 2019.

Questions? Please contact Joanna Kim, Director of Ministry Services.

Mission-study trips require preparation in advance of travel, and an expectation that participants’ minds and hearts will be stretched and changed. Orientation conversations are required.

Join us as we experience remarkable and complex regions and engage in meaningful cultural and religious dialogue.