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Grace Presbytery » General Presbyter Search Committee

General Presbyter Search Committee

The Presbytery Council authorized the formation of a General Presbyter Search Committee to nominate a successor to Rev. Janet DeVries, upon her retirement on December 31, 2020.

As reported to Grace Presbytery at the June 1 presbytery meeting, several criteria are part of the Council’s action and other basic expectations for members of the Search Committee.  You will want to consider these as you place the name of a member of the presbytery in nomination.

Candidates for nomination:

  • Cannot be current members of the Nominating Committee
  • Cannot be currently serving as a presbytery committee moderator
  • Must be active in the presbytery: pastors must attend presbytery meetings regularly (either here or in the presbytery from which they came, if new)
  • Have a mind for the current state of the Grace Presbytery as well as our possible future together
  • Must be nominated by someone (no self-referrals)

The committee will include 3-4 newer members of presbytery and 3-4 tenured members of presbytery, in addition to other representation guidelines:

  • Will bring diverse perspectives and life experiences – including culturally, theologically, types of ministerial service, age, and region of service in Grace Presbytery (N, S, E, W)
  • Will have evidenced ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Will have evidenced ability to work collaboratively with others who may or may not share your perspectives or history
  • Will be able to access the Internet and be familiar with routine Internet work
  • Will be able to participate in meetings in person and electronically, on average at least twice a month with face-to-face interviews for longer periods
  • Are flexible in meeting times, including during the day or evening
  • Are available from September 2019 through December 2020

Thank you for your help in this important first step we are taking as a presbytery to discern who God has in mind to join us in our future together.

If you have any questions about the Search Committee process or how to nominate someone please contact Lisa Perkins, Moderator of the Nominations Committee.

Nominating forms can be submitted electronically HERE.

Questions? Please contact Mike Thompson, Interim General Presbyter.