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Grace Presbytery » Job Listing: Director of Ministry Transitions – Grace Presbytery, Irving

Job Listing: Director of Ministry Transitions – Grace Presbytery, Irving


The primary purpose of this position is work with congregations and pastors in various stages of transition.  This may be pastoral or staff transitions, changes in demographics or financial capacity, or internal conflict – providing support for congregations and their leaders (pastors and elders).  The position works closely with the General Presbyter and Director of Ministry Services.  Those two positions and the Director for Ministry Transitions will negotiate the staffing of presbytery committees and work with specific congregations. In addition, the Director participates in Presbytery Council and other committees as needed



The position is accountable to the Presbytery through the General Presbyter as supervisor, and therefore through the Personnel Committee (which reports to Grace Presbytery through Presbytery Council).  An annual performance review will be conducted in accordance with procedures and policies established by Grace Presbytery.



  • Share in the supervision of the Executive Assistant who works with this position and the Director of Ministry Services.
  • Serve as counterpart with Director of Ministry Services (Joanna Kim).
  • Meet with Committee on Ministry and its leadership team and work with churches and pastors as appropriate and determined in collaboration with the General Presbyter and other staff.
  • Meet regularly with Presbytery Council and committees, task forces, ministry teams, or commissions as appropriate.
  • Participate in development of leadership development opportunities and resourcing in the Presbytery.
  • Assist in building communication from the presbytery and among churches, particularly as new communication resources are developed.
  • Be part of a staff team of highly interactive, engaged colleagues.
  • Participate in work-related travel as appropriate for position description and goals of the presbytery, particularly leadership training events which contribute to staff and leader development.



  • Facility and knowledge of all staff positons and committees of the presbytery.
  • Supervisory with positions for which he/she has direct accountability.
  • Supportive of a collaborative, interdependent staff model.
  • Minister members of Grace Presbytery and churches within its bounds.
  • Committees of lay leaders, teaching and ruling elders.



  • Prior experience on a presbytery staff or equivalent, with demonstrated experience working with churches and in presbytery structures.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Teaching or ruling elder in PCUSA who has served one or more congregations.
  • Multi-cultural sensitivity
  • Service on presbytery committees, especially leadership roles desirable.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.



  • Confidentiality and discretion.
  • Adaptable, flexible with the ability to relate to people with a variety of interests/opinions – and churches in various stages of their life cycles.
  • Ability and desire to function as part of a staff team.
  • Self-motivating, able to prioritize time and to organize tasks effectively.
  • Able to be a “big picture” thinker so that the scope of the presbytery, its staff, churches and committees are integrated into vision and reality of staff performance.
  • A sense of humor, including and ability to take ministry seriously without taking him/herself too seriously.
  • Experience within the State of Texas and its churches highly desirable.



A performance review will be conducted within 90 days from the start date and thereafter at least annually.  Reviews will be conducted by the General Presbyter according to Presbytery policy and in consultation with the Personnel Committee.  Adequacy of compensation will be reviewed annually by the presbytery through its Personnel Committee.



  • $70-80,000 for salary/housing
  • Social security offset
  • 2 weeks continuing education with $2,500 allowance (may be carried over 3 years)
  • 1-month vacation
  • Pension and medical through the Board of Pensions (including for family coverage)


To apply email


EFFECTIVE DATE:  Anytime after  January 1, 2019