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Grace Presbytery » Imperfect, but blessed

Imperfect, but blessed

youthquake-1“You. Are. Blessed. These three words were not only the theme of Grace Presbytery’s Youthquakes, but was the lesson that the middle-school participants walked away with,” said Brennan Caviness, a PULSE member from Woodhaven Presbyterian Church in Irving.

Grace Presbytery held two Youthquakes for 213 middle school youth and adults from 20 churches at Gilmont on March 20-22 and April 10-12. PULSE, Grace Presbytery’s High School Leadership team, planned and lead the two events.

“Through several meetings and trainings, the P.U.L.S.E. team developed and mapped out a weekend for the participants that would reinforce the idea in each youth that, as children of God, each of them is blessed by God,” said Brennan, who served on the leadership team for the March Youthquake.

“It was incredible to see how much our hard work throughout the year genuinely paid off. It’s amazing that even after working all year with everyone, you still manage to grow closer to everyone in one weekend.,” added Amber Logue, another PULSE member from First Presbyterian of Rockwall who served at the April Youthquake.

“The keynote speaker, Reverend Sandra Kim, spoke over four sessions about how we are made by God, known by God, chosen by God, and sent by God, and that we are blessed. Although we are imperfect, she explained we are marked by God; that mark is something that will never leave us” said Brennan.

During the weekend, the youth participated in a mission project.

youthquake-2“On Saturday, middle schoolers in their small groups completed a mission project for Kids Against Hunger and packaged 10,800 meals that will help orphanages along the borders in Texas,” said Amber

The two Youthquakes packaged more than 20,000 meals for Kids Against Hunger.

“Between keynotes, participants were involved in small groups, which served as the most intimate settings for the weekend,” said Brennan, “In these small group, youth were encouraged to open their hearts to what God was saying through group activities. Youth got the opportunity to create new bonds with other youth from other congregations. At the end of the weekend, they got to chance to express through affirmations how the other members of their small group impacted them.”

“On the last day, the singing of the theme song was breathtaking. As part of the music team, I could see the faces of everyone while playing it. I could tell God was present, and I could really feel what they were singing,” said Amber.