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Grace Presbytery » Grace Presbytery Meeting November 16th

Grace Presbytery Meeting November 16th

The next Stated Presbytery Meeting occurs on November 16th at First Presbyterian Church of Arlington.

Welcome Letter from Rich McDermott

” While our society seems to be experiencing a great upheaval and division, the Body of Christ can play an amazing and exemplary role of demonstrating the reconciliation and forgiveness that we ourselves have received through the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus. As we meet, worship and celebrate the Lord’s Supper together, may our words and actions give honor and glory to Jesus Christ, who binds us together as one in Him. Thank you for joining us at this meeting to praise and honor the One crucified and risen for our sake, and the sake of a broken world. We look forward to our time together. ”

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For parking directions please read the following:

Entry and Registration Map

FPCA Parking Lot Map

Nov. 16 Presbytery Meeting Booklet (2meg PDF)



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