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Grace Presbytery » COM Forms

COM Forms


Compensation Forms

Changes in Terms of Call for 2019
Form A – New Installed Teaching Elders Terms of Call
Form B – Annual Report for Installed Teaching Elders Terms of Call
Form C – New Positions for Other Teaching Elders Terms of Call
Form D – Changes-Extensions for Other Teaching Elders Terms of Call
Explanation of Terms
 Board of Pensions Forms


Validated Ministry

Form E1 – Non-Parish Teaching Elder Request for Validation
Form E2 – Non-Parish Teaching Elder Compensation
Form E3 – Renewal of Validated Position Questionnaire
Form E4 – Member at Large Annual Report to Presbytery
Grace Validated Ministry Criteria 2019

Information Forms

Personal Information Forms
Ministry Information Forms

Search Process

Congregational Mtg Report – PNC
Search Process Evaluation


Form F – Ordination Installation Commission

Quarterly & Annual Report Forms

Interim Semi-Annual Report
Feedback Regarding Our Interim Pastor and Our Shared Ministry
Annual Report (Stated, Temporary, Designated, & CRE)


Request to Dissolve Pastoral Relationship
Terms of Dissolution
Dissolution of Temporary Pastor
Congregational Mtg Report – Dissolution of Call

Commissioned Pastors

Commissioned Pastor Questions
Commissioned Pastor Form


Temporary Leadership Request Form
Interim Pastor Responsibilities
Interim Associate Pastor Responsibilities
Clergy Sexual Misconduct Guidelines
Pastor Courtesy Guidelines
Occasional Supply List
Board of Pensions Forms