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Grace Presbytery » First Pres Plano: The Summer of Movement

First Pres Plano: The Summer of Movement

Interim Pastor Wendy Kolakowski was officially welcomed to First Presbyterian Church of Plano on Sunday, April 15. The church is nestled on a large, tree-covered lot at the northeast corner of Jupiter and 15th Street near downtown Plano. Rev. Kolakowski describes the congregation by using a tagline you’ll see on the church marquee: “Small enough to know you. Big enough to serve.”

“It’s true,” she says. “As you know, where two or more are gathered… and we really are great at connecting with other churches.”

In September, First Plano will also connect with its neighbors as a partner with the City of Plano’s program, Love Where You Live. On Saturday, September 15, church members will work with a resident who lives near the church and needs help with deferred maintenance projects – things like minor home repair, landscape projects, and painting.

“We’ve adopted this neighborhood, that we share with our fellow Plano residents, and the church is excited to take part in this initiative.”

There’s a lot going on inside the walls at First Plano, too. It’s a congregation whose roots date back to 1856, once sharing a building with a local Baptist group. First Plano is especially excited about the three new babies on the way, which might help explain what Rev. Kolakowski has dubbed, “the summer of movement.”

Its current sanctuary and common areas where built in 1967 following a fire.

It’s got more than ample space, but when Rev. Kolakowski arrived she recognized that much of it could be better utilized, or repurposed, to meet the needs of its ongoing mission and fellowship activities – things like the church’s decades-long clothes closet program and a very active young adult group.

“And of course, we’re working on updates to the nursery for the babies!”

If you visit on Reformation Sunday, the day the congregation has chosen to dedicate its new hymnals, you may still see evidence of work as it continues – a few boxes, paint cans, or rooms undergoing make-overs. There’s even a new prayer room in the plans.

It’s easy to see that the spirit is stirring at First Plano, which is why their “summer of movement” might just fold right into “the fall of movement.” Surely, they’ll keep us posted.

First Presbyterian Church of Plano is located at 1500 Jupiter Road. Worship takes place Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Youth fellowship follows most Sundays at 11:45 a.m.