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Grace Presbytery » Conversations in Theology and Practice; Sign up today

Conversations in Theology and Practice; Sign up today

Presbytery Council has allocated funds for 2015 to schedule opportunities for “Conversations on Theology and the Practice of Ministry.”  Three of those events are listed below and we expect other events to be planned and announced during the year.  The intention is that the leadership will be diverse – theologically, gender, racially and regionally.  As we build this program, we invite your ideas (to Mike Thompson at We hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities to engage in conversation with three outstanding leaders and with one another.  Register online and the fees and the meals are provided by Grace Presbytery.  Please mark your calendar today!!



 Paul Hooker—January 29, 2015

“Living the Reformed Tradition in a Time of Denominational Change”

10 am – 3 pm—Presbyterian Mission Center, 6100 Colwell Blvd, Irving

Registration at  (deadline January 21, 2015)

Paul is Associate Dean for Ministerial Formation at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  He was a member of the Form of Government Task Force appointed by the General Assembly to create the church’s current Foundations for Presbyterian Polity and Form of Government. He has made numerous presentations around the church on the nature and structure of the church’s Book of Order.


Brian McLaren—April 11, 2015

9 am – 12 noon—First Presbyterian Church, 1000 Penn Street, Fort Worth

Registration at  (Registration limited to 300)

Brian will speak from experiences writing his most recent book We Make the Road By Walking, which “offers everything you need to explore what a difference an honest, living, growing faith can make in our world today.”  The specific focus will be  1) Rediscovering the Bible, and 2) The Bible is Too Important (and Dangerous) to Be Left to Those Who Don’t Think Critically About It.


Darrell Guder—December 9, 2015

12 pm – 3:30 pm—St. Stephen Presbyterian Church, 2700 McPherson Avenue, Fort Worth

Registration at  (deadline December 1, 2015)

Darrell is Henry Winters Luce Professor of Missional and Ecumenical Theology in the Department of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.  His writing and teaching focus on the theology of the missional church, especially the theological implications of the paradigm shift to post-Christendom as the context for Christian mission in the West. One of his major research interests is reading Barth as a missional theologian.  Rev. Guder will also be guest preacher for the Stated Meeting of Grace Presbytery on Dec. 10.



Online registration for all three dates is NOW OPEN!