Officers & Committees

Our 2016 Officers

Moderator Teaching Elder Princeton Abaraoha
First Presbyterian Church, Midlothian
Vice-Moderator Teaching Elder Cheryl Taylor
First Presbyterian Church, Rockwall
Stated Clerk Rev. Gerry Tyer
Treasurer Elder Ken Johnson
First Presbyterian Church, Temple


Our Committee Moderators

Administrative Commission on Property Ruling Elder Mike Jones (Dallas, NorthPark)
Board of Trustees Ruling Elder Dan Klein (Irving, Woodhaven)
Budget and Finance Teaching Elder David Ivie (Forney, First)
Committee on Ministry Teaching Elder Russell Jonas III
(Richardson, Canyon Creek) &
Ruling Elder Kathy Jones (Dallas, NorthPark)
Committee on Preparation for Ministry Teaching Elder Thom Lamb (Temple, Grace)
Committee on Representation Ruling Elder Suthee Thumasathit
(Dallas, NorthPark)
Congregational Support Teaching Elder Kelly Yeager-Chadwick (Allen, First)
New Church Development Teaching Elder David Shaefers (Richardson, First)
Nominating Ruling Elder Charles Weaver (Waco, First)
Permanent Judicial Commission Teaching Elder Nancy Ramsay (Validated Ministry)
Personnel Teaching Elder Stuart Baskin (Tyler, First)
Presbytery Council Teaching Elder Ben Dorr (Dallas, Northridge)
Young Adult Teaching Elder Lisa Juica (Validated Ministry)
Youth Ministry Ruling Elder Kara Janasak (Dallas, NorthPark)