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Grace Presbytery » Canyon Creek: Being a Purple Church

Canyon Creek: Being a Purple Church

When Paul wrote to the Philippians from his jail cell, he told them that people harbor a multitude of motivations for proclaiming Christ… goodwill, boldness, envy, love, defense, even selfish ambition. And then he asked, “What does it matter?”

Short answer: It doesn’t.

Rev. Andrew Odom unpacked Paul’s message last Sunday for worshipers at Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church in Richardson as part of a new 5-part sermon series, “Being a Purple Church.” Rev. Odom plans to continue the conversation by diving into current issues that collectively make us anxious and once tackled, often leave us exhausted if not paralyzed. It seems a rather timely series.

His ultimate goal? A spiritually purple dialogue; a spiritually purple church, for there is no red nor blue in Christ.

“We are already a purple church,” said Rev. Odom. “A place made up of people of different races, different political persuasions, and different understandings of the world. More than something to worry about, that is something to appreciate and lift up as a gift of God.”

Rev. Odom appropriately sets expectations. The series will be challenging.

“Dealing with differences is not easy stuff. Looking at our emotions and getting honest about that is never easy. What I can say is that if we can trust one another enough and trust God enough, then doing this work together might just be a transforming event.”

It’s important to note this is not a political discussion, but instead one that aims to follow Paul’s lead.

When Paul tells the Philippians it doesn’t matter, he means just that. Despite personal motivation, despite approach, despite reaction or response, Christ is proclaimed either way. Take comfort in this, and then dive in.

What does it matter? Just this, that Christ is proclaimed in every way, whether out of false motives or true; and in that I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice. – Philippians 1:18

Rev. Andrew Odom is senior pastor at Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church in Richardson, Texas.

To hear his sermon in its entirety, visit the Canyon Creek website. The 5-part series, “Being a Purple Church” continues through Sunday, September 9.