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Grace Presbytery » A Calling in East Texas

A Calling in East Texas

When Jimmy Chapman talks about churches in the eastern region of Grace Presbytery, there’s a bit of a twinkle in his eye.

“I have a passion for small churches, since I’ve always been a member of a small church. Wonderful things happen in these spaces. Small churches are just as much a part of the presbytery as their larger brethren.”

Jimmy has been a member of First Presbyterian Church of Henderson since 1970 – that’s 48 years, 40 of which have found him leading Sunday School. Prior to his retirement, Jimmy taught high school math and says he had no idea he’d ever be the new (and very proud) owner of a clergy robe.

On Saturday, May 19 during the stated presbytery meeting at FPC Richardson, Rev. David Batchelder (pictured on the right) questioned Jimmy as part of the commissioning service.

“It was then I realized that this was really going to happen, that I was actually going to become a commissioned pastor in the PCUSA. I felt a sense of responsibility, but I also felt a great deal of support, not only from Committee on Ministry and the Commissioned Pastor Task Force, but from the presbytery, too. That support has been very fulfilling.”

Jimmy is currently lending a hand in the pulpits of St. Paul Presbyterian Church in Carthage and Tennessee Presbyterian Church in Timpson – both located in east Texas. His passion for smaller congregations is clearly on his heart, so it’s something he brings up again.

“I don’t ever want members in these churches to feel left out, so I look forward to working with them, wherever I am sent. These are not big churches, these are good churches.”

“Of course I’m also looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me.”

Good things, pastor Jimmy. Most certainly good things.

Jimmy Chapman will also take part in the installation service for Rev. Will Wilson at First Presbyterian Church of Kilgore on Sunday, September 30.

To learn more about the Grace Presbytery Commissioned Pastor committee and program, visit the presbytery website.