Welcome all, to the Grace Presbytery Meeting this September 30, 2017. The meeting will be hosted at First Presbyterian Church in Tyler, Texas. Look below for listings of hotels, rates, restaurants for everyone to book their lodging if they are planning on booking. To register please click on the following link: Registration On September 30th registration […]


  The research is in and it’s conclusive—the single most influential figure in faith formation for adolescents is the parent. For many of us, this calls for a significant ministry refocus: we must include parents, stepparents, and other caregivers in our ministry efforts if we want to make a lasting impact on youth. Join the […]


  It is the need of the time: Rev. Nosheen Khan, first woman ordained in Pakistan, is a role model for women and the Presbyterian Church. Rev. Nosheen Khan is not afraid of a challenge. She is the first woman ordained in her country of Pakistan, the first woman principal of a seminary school steeped in […]


Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process   Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process        Are you encountering unhealthy patterns within the church related to unresolved conflicts from the past? Are you interested in enhancing your ability to manage self in a non-anxious manner in the midst of congregational anxieties?  Sign up below to attend Clergy […]