Friday, October 31, 2014 We are happy to announce that Grace Presbytery has consolidated all Committee on Ministry forms into one online questionnaire. This user-friendly form should make it easier for everyone to submit the necessary information to the COM concerning: New pastoral calls (including compensation information) Changes in pastoral compensation (for existing positions) New […]


Every year, we provide stories for you to highlight ministries that your mission dollars support. This year, we are providing these stories in four bulletins inserts. The four stories are: New Beginnings, PULSE, Legacy NCD in Frisco, and Young Adult Volunteers. Why bulletin inserts? We want to get these stories in the hands of the […]


Each year at the November meeting of Grace Presbytery, we remember the ruling elders who have joined the Church Triumphant within the past twelve months.  The recalling of those men and women who have served faithfully in our congregations is a time of inspiration during our meeting. Please send us the name of any ruling […]